What Is the Purpose of Life? (Know Your Worth! Live With Value!)

What Is the Purpose of Life? -

What Is the Purpose of Life? (Know Your Worth! Live With Value!)

Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail. They fail because they try to copy others instead of realizing that we all have different question papers.

The significance of this quote is so profound because it holds so much truth. 

We are faced with our own challenges. Oppositions. We have to answer different questions. 

We continually seek our why. 90% of the time we don't know the answer.

But if there is one constant question. One question which always arises. It's 

What is the purpose of life?
This is the be-all and end-all of life's questions. A question that always seems to go unanswered. 

So what is your purpose?

Well there is no definite response to this but many believe that the purpose of life is to: 


  • Be happy
  • Live in the moment
  • Become a greater you
  • Leave a legacy
  • Become useful
  • Love yourself and those around you
  • Serve and protect
  • Make a difference


These are all general answers to which people think might be our purpose but in reality, it's not.

Finding your purpose is a journey. It has nothing to do with the type of car you drive. Or the house you own.

It requires a lot of patience.

How do you find your purpose?

While everyone has their own belief on what the purpose of life is no one really has the answer. Neither do I. 

Nor do I claim it.

But we all have a purpose. All of them are different. If you find the answer to your question someone else might find something different from theirs.

How awesome would it be if we all had the same purpose?

That would be amazing!

But it's just not possible. We all serve a different purpose on this earth. We have a different duty.

It's impossible for everyone to become a motivational speaker. All of us cannot be entrepreneurs. We are made to be different. Therefore we experience life differently.

We overcome obstacles and challenges in our own unique way. 

But even if we experience life differently how do we find our purpose? 

How do you find yours?

In order to find your why these are some steps you need to take:


  • Surround yourself with positive-minded people
  • Do what you love doing
  • Explore
  • Discover new interest
  • Devote time to doing something worthwhile

Now, these steps might not work for everyone. It requires effort. It takes trials and tribulations.

It might even take a lifetime of hardships. So continue seeking. Continue experimenting and you will find it. 

Your purpose finds you in the most unexpected way.

How to continually walk in your purpose?

Once you found your purpose you have to make sure you continually walk in it. 


Walking in your purpose allows you to build resilience. It allows you to build strength. 

Your purpose allows you to go to war and come back with victory every time.

It builds character.

You walk with renewed life. Renewed energy. 

Walking in your purpose requires certain things. It requires certain activities such as:


  • Never trying to copy someone else.
  • Never falling victim to unbelief
  • Never letting negativity corrupt your mind
  • Never let doubt cloud your future
  • Never letting criticism discourage you  
  • Continuing to believe in yourself even when you have no belief In you.

If you do these things. You will live a great life.



So now that we've reached the end of this article I would like to know.

How have you discovered your purpose? And How are you walking in it?

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