The Power of Self-Discipline

What do some of the greatest men and woman on earth have in common? How are they continuing to succeed? 

Why is it so easy for them to overcome obstacles?

We'll there is one simple answer. Self-discipline.

Why self discipline you may ask. This is a frequently asked question. 

  • Self-discipline is the bridge between success and freedom. 
  • It's the bridge to victory.
  • It's the fuel for overcoming the toughest of enemy. 
  • It's is the key to living a confident life.
  • It's the greatest secret weapon of all mankind yet it is so underused. 

Many lack it. 

Being disciplined is necessary. It cannot be avoided. 

It encourages persistence. It encourages perseverance. it encourages desire. 

Nothing can stand in  your why. And if you reach a dead end it allows you to overcome any dead end or blockage. 

So you may ask, How do I Become Self-Disciplined?

In order to become disciplined there is some things that is required of you.

Have self belief

"You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with." --Wayne Dyer

Who else is going to believe in you unless you believe in yourself? Absolutely no one!

Belief within yourself is crucial. Someone with self belief does not hesitate to take action when it is needed. 

They have no time to sit around and dwell on things for too long. People remain in the same place for years because they would rather complain about everything instead of creating opportunities to change things.

Having the ability to get things done inspight of any difficult is a great skill to have. People with enormous amounts of self belief have that.

There will always be obstacles. Challenges. But if you have enough self-belief you will stick to course and persevere.

Self-belief is an essential part if you want to live your best life.

Practice Forgiveness

A lot of us are hurting. The pain is excruciating. To much too bear. 

Unforgiveness is a great part of this.  We suffer from resentment and anger.

This is a poison slowly ruining many lives. Unforgiveness is mental, physical and spiritual torture. 

Unforgiveness Kills.

Forgiveness restores. Forgiveness heals. Forgiveness conquers. 

What are the types of forgiveness and how does it benefit us?

  1. Exoneration

    Exoneration is the act of creating a clean pure slate  and restoring a relationship to it's original state. 
    In simple terms, Exoneration is the kind of forgiveness where you "forgive and forget" in order to start anew.

    Where does it occur?

    Exoneration commonly occurs when there has been:

    - An accident 
    - Hurt with no intention
    - True remorse or regret shown when you have been wronged.

  2. Forbearance

    Forbearance is the act of practicing self-restraint and self-tolerance.  

    e..g when the other individual apologizes for their wrongdoing towards you while still accusing you of wrongdoing when you are completely blameless. 

    Forbearance commonly occurs when there has been:

    - Inauthentic apologies made
    - Blame mixed with an apology
    - Incomplete apologies

  3. Release

    Release in simple terms is the allowance of letting go pain and hurt  in-order to become unburdened of anything that is restraining you from receiving true joy and happiness.

    Release commonly occurs when there has been:

    - No sincerity shown
    - No confession of any pain caused
    - No atonement made.

Benefits of forgiveness:

Research has shown that practicing forgiveness allows for the following benefits:

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Greater self-worth
  • Decreased signs of depression
  • Better mental health

And so many others too. Practicing forgiveness takes you one step closer to achieving genuine happiness and greater discipline.  

Do things that are difficult

Taking the easy way out is what society has come accustomed to. 

Most of society has become accustomed to the idea of only jumping on rides that are enjoyable. The rides which are fun.

Were too afraid to take a deep dive into the unknown. Therefore sticking to the known and the common.

The easy might get you to your destination quicker but you will certainly feel less satisfied. 

If you choose to do the things which are difficult you directly go against what society says is the norm. You become uncommon.

"life's mission is to be uncommon amongst the uncommon; to be the best of the best; to live a life that truly demonstrates the extent of the human potential."

David Goggins

Doing anything difficult thing requires you to take difficult steps. It requires you to step out of your comfort zone. It requires you to step out in faith even if you are unsure if things will ever work out.

But you have to remember that nothing in life ever comes easy. You have to fight for everything you want to achieve. 

Your goals. Dreams. All that you are hoping to achieve. You have to fight for it. 

Your reward will be exponential. 

Handle your emotions

How many times have you said something that was completely out of place? How many times have you done something then later feel guilt and regret?


Your emotions are a dangerous weapon.

Something very harmful if you don't control it. 

If there is no control it will control you sooner rather than later control you. 

Learning emotional control is key not just in your personal life but in your work life as well. 

And luckily for you, everyone can learn to become emotionally intelligent.  

Here are some tactics you can  put to the test to help you control all your emotions.

  • If serious get medical help
  • Take a step back
  • Keep notes of the emotions your'e experiencing
  • Look at the effect the emotions have on your personal life
  • Refresh your mind
  • See the bigger picture
  • Ask for guidance

 Being able to handle your emotions is one of the keys to personal success. Emotions should not be allowed to control you but you should control it.




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