Stop Fearing! Take Control of Your Life!

"Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it."
--Judy Blume

Its so strange that many still have a deep fear of success. . We fear success more than failure. And why is that? It sounds weird considering we live in a society so obsessed with this very thing we fear. The very thing that scares us.

There’s no doubt all of us want to be successful. There is not one person alive that does not want it. But why are so scared?.

What are we afraid of?

Fear is paralyzing. Fear is destructive. Fear cuts too deep for so many people. It leaves bad wounds that never seem to heal. I know this because I once was that person.

I was fearful of everything. It limited me more than I could have imagined.

But the day I decided to take control. The day I decided to fight back.

That’s when I overcame it.

That’s when I became the better me.

That’s when I started realizing my full potential.

But how do you overcome it? How do you overcome this fear? This anxiety? This evil?

First you need to look at the root of the issue. Where this fear stems from.

And often times as I looked at my own fears and why I was so afraid. I discovered that there were quite a few things that I was struggling with. There were quite a few things that caused this fear. Some of these things you might be experiencing yourself. We might be sharing the exact same fears.

But whatever it is, you can overcome them. It can be conquered.

So let’s take a look at what I discovered.

I Feared Rejection

All of us are longing for acceptance. No one likes being rejected. Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow. But it becomes a big problem when you fear it so much that it starts to cripple you from what your’e actually trying to achieve.

We fear being on our own. We are afraid it might confirm our deepest fears. Were afraid of change.

Its bound to happen to all of us. We can’t escape it.

Being afraid of rejection is a normal thing. But how do we overcome it.

You have to remember that you are not alone. Rejection happens to the best of us

  • Whether we get rejected by a job
  • A long time crush not feeling the same way as you do
  • Not being invited to a event you thought you would be invited to

Whatever it is. It happens to all of us. Being rejected is a horrible feeling. I know this because its happened to me way too many times.

Not everything will go according to your plans. Life will bring you back to reality.

Once I started reminding myself that rejection is normal and that there is nothing to fear, that’s when i started living my best life.

That’s when I began to see that rejection is there to fuel this passion I had.

That’s when I began to make rejection my secret weapon.

“I am good at walking away. Rejection teaches you how to reject.”

Your’e afraid of the spotlight

The thought of a thousand eyes being on you is just too overwhelming for many. We praise and applaud the successes of those before us but when the time comes for us to be in the spotlight we crumble.

Were afraid that the spotlight might highlight our short comings, our flaws, our, our past struggles, our wrong doings and our mess ups.

A lot of people find themselves in the open. We might even begin to feel embarrassed.

Most people are aware of what others are thinking and saying about them. Even though I would recommend you pay no mind to it.

It cant be denied that it is ruining so many lives.

But here is the thing.

We need to stop caring about what others have to say about us. No matter what they say the most important question you have to ask yourself is, 


This is the question we all have to ask ourselves. What do we think about ourselves?

Do we believe what everyone else is saying? If so then there is no easy way to put it, but you will become the most miserable being on the entire earth.

In order to overcome this fear you have to realize that there is absolutely nothing to fear. You have to realize that being in the spot light is might not be such a bad thing after all.

Learn to be confident in yourself and your own abilities. You are more worthy than you think. So do not be afraid. There is nothing to fear.

We are too negative of ourselves

When it comes to success our psychology is one of the most important tools. And unfortunately my mind was filled with so much negativity. I could not see myself succeeding.

I knew it was possible but I was blinded by all of my negatives thoughts.

I had a low opinion about myself.

I convinced myself that I will never succeed. I had the idea that attaining actual success might not be possible for someone like me.

It might not be attainable.

I was overruled by the environment I found myself in. An environment that portrayed success as something that only happens to a select few. I believed all this to be true. I had already programmed my mind to work this way.

But I was wrong. You can achieve success. All of us can achieve some form of it.

Whether it be with a job or with a business. Whatever it may be. You can become successful.

Now success is not something that happens over night. It takes time. But you can become successful. It can be done. It is attainable!

"Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it" Steve Maraboli

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