Develop A Growth Mindset And Maximize Your Life.

Having a fixed mindset is one the worst things you can do to yourself. It limits your life immensely. Your imagination. 

Those with fixed mindsets only see things for what they are now instead of seeing things for what it can be. 

They limit themselves by letting fear and anxiety take control of their mind. They stick to what's right. They stick to what is comfortable. 

Therefore making it impossible for them to get there life out of 1st gear. 

These limiting beliefs often times end up having a negative affect on your life. 

Look at the study below.


Nussbaum: Mindset and seeking feedback

In another study, researchers were interested in the kind of feedback people would seek out after they struggled. Researchers gave participants a difficult test and then told the participants that they hadn’t done well on the test. Then, they gave them a choice: Did they want to look at the tests of people who had done worse than them or the tests of people who had done better? People with a growth mindset chose to learn from people who had done better than them. But people with a fixed mindset seemed more interested in making themselves feel better. They looked at the tests of people who had done worse.


 So how do you develop a growth mindset?

Developing a growth mindset takes time. It takes effort. This mindset originates from our own set of values and beliefs.

In order to fully adopt this mindset you have to change the way you view yourself. It all starts with you. 

And to help you kick start your journey I would like to share with you some the things you will need to truly develop a growth mindset.

Failure is not to feared

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.– Michael Jordan

In failure you find opportunity. In failure you find solutions. Whenever you fail learn from it. Grow from it. 

Don't fear it. In order to become stronger, better and greater. In order to develop a growth mindset you have to go through it. 

There is no hiding from it. Instead let it mold you. Shape you. Your next breakthrough, invention might stem from it. Failure is essential. 

Learn to deal with failure. Failure is not easy but it is necessary. 

Develop an unshakable belief

Have a belief that you can do always do greater than what is possible. Have a belief that nothing can stand in your way.
No matter what your'e trying to achieve.

Believe in your goals. Believe in yourself. Believe in the impossible

Believe you can succeed. This is how you overcome. This is how you grow.

Consistently improving, learning and experimenting will go a long way into developing the growth mindset that you are seeking. 

Continually Learn

 Learning is a Lifelong Process. – Peter Drucker

Learning is part of who we are. Its part of the puzzle to developing a growth mindset. Just like water quinces our thirst, continuous learning strengthens our mind.

To stop learning is suicide. You are killing your own growth. Life long learning is a rewarding journey.

Love what you do 

If you love what you do you will reach your goals much quicker than those around you. 

When you love what you do you'll continue doing it even if you are facing some of life's most difficult moment's. Life's challenges. You'll rise above any obstacle or set back.

You make no excuses. Even if what you are doing is risky. 

Love persuades you to follow something with all your might. All that is with in you.



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