3 Crucial Obstacles You Will Have To Face Today To Achieve Success

It is no secret. Achieving success is hard. The amount of time and dedication required is mind-blowing.

Unfortunately, many people lack the discipline needed. They have the pre-conceived notion that becoming successful is easy when in fact it requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

The most successful individuals all have one thing in common. 

What is that? 

Their journey was filled with obstacles. Obstacles they were forced to overcome one way or another.

And so today we are going to look at some of these obstacles and how you can overcome them.

Dealing with loneliness for independence 

This journey is not for the faint-hearted. It’s for those who are willing to take risks.

It’s for the change-makers. For those who dare to dream. For those who are willing to achieve something bigger than themselves.

This journey is for those who are willing to face their fears(more on that later). For those who are determined enough to succeed in spight of constant failure.

It is not for everyone.

And this is what many people fail to understand. Not everyone has what it takes

Not everyone has the desire to succeed. Not everyone has the drive. 

Everyone can become successful but not everyone will.

Because this journey is extremely lonely. 

You will constantly find yourself in battle with yourself trying to achieve your dreams. Those around you might not understand it. 

They might not agree with your vision. The same people that are supposed to support you end up becoming your biggest enemies. 

But do not become discouraged. There is always a reward for your sacrifice.

Remember this 

What’s been given to you might not be meant for someone else. If something is too big for you how big would it be for those around you?

So you may ask “If this journey is so lonely, how can I overcome it?”

Before you can overcome it you need to understand why it is needed. 

Loneliness enables you to stand on your own two feet and not depend on anyone else. You are your motivation. 

Loneliness promotes independence. You won’t need anyone to help you get things done. 

Learning how to be happy when alone is so important because success is a lonely one. And the more you can feel comfortable being alone the more successful you can be.

Fighting the fear of failure for true success

We are bound to fail at some point in time. Whether it's failing at something small or something big.

We have to fail. Failure is inevitable.

But what holds most people back is that they fear failure so much that it cripples them.

It scares them more than anything else. And the worst fear of all is the fear of success.

Imagine being so afraid of something that it ends up giving you anxiety, nightmares.

How would you live your life?

Fearing something so much that it drags you further and further away from reaching the goal that you are trying to achieve.

But here’s the deal

For you to succeed you have to fail at something. 

Robert F. Kennedy said this:

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”


And this is why failure plays such a huge role in your journey. You need it to succeed. 

Failure makes you. It molds you. It shapes you. It’s one of the best teachers.

So the fear that you might be experiencing embrace it.

Because it is from fear and failure that winning takes place. The more you lose the more you want to win.

But you may ask “ How can I overcome these fears?”

Well there are many ways to conquer your fears but the first thing you need to do is

1. Be very fearful of not taking that first step.

The first step is the most important in any journey. It’s the difference between greatness and mediocrity. 

Like Neil Armstrong, you should always be prepared to take that first step. 

Your life will always be a mess unless you take that the first step into changing it. Never become comfortable in your surroundings. 

These fears are normal. Embrace them. 

Don’t let it stop you from taking the greatest step of all. 

That first step.

2. Nobody cares whether you succeed or fail.

When no one cares about what you do it creates a perfect opportunity for you to start a new business or run towards your goal without any judgment or negativity.

And this is very important. 

Like we discussed earlier this anonymity allows you to take that first step.

Then another and another and another.

Eventually, you would have build yourself a whole city without anyone knowing about it. Because remember “No one cares”.

Overcoming limiting beliefs to go beyond the stars.

I remember one day I was sitting at my desk with a 10c in my hand and as I was preparing myself to throw this 10c on my bed it dawned on me.

This 10c holds so much value. To a lot of people (especially those that have it), it might not be much.

But to someone else, it could mean the world. 

It could be the reason someone has a piece of bread to eat in the morning. It could be the difference between someone paying their bills and not paying their bills.

This 10c holds so much value.

And you are like that 10c.

To the world, you might seem insignificant. To yourself, you might seem insignificant. 

But you hold so much value. Your life holds value. Your story holds value.

You are God’s beautiful creation. Your value is priceless.

Yet even though you hold so much value you might find yourself constantly dealing with your beliefs.

How many times have you felt not good enough? How many times have you felt worthless? How many times have you felt discouraged? How many times have you felt like you might never make it?

If you are like me you have probably experienced these struggles and had these thoughts countless times. 

But here’s the thing

Once I overcame these beliefs. Once I stopped limiting myself. My potential became limitless.

I became unstoppable.

And once you learn this art. The art of not being limited by your beliefs or those around you then my friend you can truly go beyond the stars.

You might even reach another dimension. 


Now that you have learned the top 3 crucial obstacles to success and why these obstacles are needed. What obstacles have you overcome? And what have you learned on your journey?

Leave a comment down below and share your journey.







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